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Amalfitano Pickups

The Fullbucker or PAF® Set

NEW to Amalfitano Pickups:
Aged Humbuckers for that vintage look.

The Fullbucker set are full bodied, rich sounding, humbucker pickups incorporating hand-assembled, over wound bobbins that are specifically designed for the Bridge (approx. 8.50K ohms) and Neck (approx. 8K ohms) positions.

Using quality construction materials, these humbuckers are assembled with vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire, hardwood maple spacer blocks, nickel/steel base plates and single conductor shielded lead wires. (Four conductor wire leads are also available so you can customize coil selections on each pickup). These can be assembled with double black, zebra or creme coils as well as nickel or chrome covers, (please specify when ordering). Also utilized are stronger grade Alnico 5 bar magnets which promotes their harmonic tonal attributes during all volume settings.

I also construct a low output, vintage sounding, PAF® style humbucker which uses old school rough sand cast Alnico 2 magnets for that true vintage tone, along with genuine hardwood maple spacer blocks. These are not wax potted as were the original PAF®'s.

For those requiring more distortion from their pickups, ceramic magnets and high output windings are the way to go.

Most Amalfitano Pickup Humbucker sets are assembled using vintage braided wire leads or 4 wire leads and are lightly wax potted to reduce the chance of microphonics. **PAF® replacement sets are not wax potted.

Bear in mind that Fullbuckers can virtually be constructed having an infinite combination between magnet strength and output levels in order to achieve your tone. Let me know what Amalfitano Pickups can build for you. Click here to contact me.


Amalfitano PAF® set on youtube

humbucker wiring

vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
Hardwood maple spacer blocks
Alnico 5 magnets
Nickel / Steel base plates
Single conductor shielded lead wires

PAF® Specifications:
Sand cast Alnico 2 magnets
NO wax potting

Bridge: +/- 8.5K ohms
Neck; +/- 8K ohms

Price....................... $350.00
Individual............... $175.00

Pickups Type:

Coil Color:


Cover type:

Wax Potted:

Wire Leads:

Bridge Pickup Spacing:

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