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The Barrybucker A5 Set


The new Barrybucker A5 humbucker set with SHORT Alnico 5 rough finish magnets is my hottest sounding PAF® style pickup set yet but still staying within the output range of my vintage Fullbucker set. Bridge pickup (approx. 8.60K ohms) and Neck pickup (approx. 7.7K ohms).

The shorter A5 magnets will provide a great vintage tone along with longer sustain and more punch. They are ideal for the higher gain player and are also fantastic classic rock pickups as well. These are sure to please any harder rock players and are a favortie of the online community.

Like the Fullbucker set the Barrybuckers are assembled with vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire, hardwood maple spacer blocks, nickel/steel base plates and single conductor shielded lead wires. (Four conductor wire leads are also available so you can customize coil selections on each pickup).

A special thanks to guitar aficionado and incurable gear head, Barry Menary, for his input into the development of my new Barrybucker A5 set.

Barrybuckers are not wax potted unless you contact me and specify that you'd like them to be.

Video: Paul Crook playing Amalfitano Barrybuckers


vintage enameled #42 gauge magnetic wire
Hardwood maple spacer blocks
Short Alnico 5 magnets
Nickel / Steel base plates
Single conductor shielded lead wires

Bridge: +/- 8.6K ohms
Neck; +/- 7.7K ohms

Price....................... $350.00
Individual............... $175.00

Coil Colors:


Cover type:

Wax Potted:

Wire Leads:

Bridge Pickup Spacing:

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