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Amalfitano Pickups

The AMA Set


Very similar to my ’62 set, the AMA pickup set utilizes Alnico 3 grade magnets, a magnet stagger that is reminiscent of the 60’s Strat® pickups, and Formvar magnetic wire wound to approximately 6K ohms for both the Neck and RWRP Middle pickups. The Bridge pickup is wound slightly hotter to about 6.4K and incorporates a steel grounded base plate affixed to the bottom of the pickup.

Gaining similar effects of a Telecaster® Bridge baseplate, it channels the midrange more while also reducing the shrilly highs. What you’ll experience is a very useable, warmer, vintage sounding bridge pickup that’ll sizzle when dimed.

All Amalfitano Pickup Strat® replacement sets are assembled using vintage color-coded cloth covered wire leads and are lightly wax potted to reduce the chance of microphonics.


AMA demo on Youtube

MP3 Demo
Formvar Magnetic wire
Alnico 3 magnets

Steel Base Plate

Neck, Middle: ~ 6K ohms
Bridge: ~ 6.4K



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