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Amalfitano Pickups

The '62 Set

Amalfitano Strat® Pickups

The '62 set utilizes slightly larger diameter Alnico 3 grade magnets than the VS set. They have a calibrated vintage magnet stagger that is reminiscent of the 60's Strat® pickups They're wound with correct gauge Formvar Magnetic wire to approximately 6.2K ohms for all three pickups. The '62 set is also non RWRP in order to retain it's vintage vibe.

Once installed, balancing this set requires a height adjustment stagger for all three having the bridge pickup closer to the strings than the neck pickup, and the middle pickup somewhere in-between the other two.

All Amalfitano Pickup Strat® replacement sets are assembled using vintage color-coded cloth covered wire leads and are lightly wax potted to reduce the chance of microphonics.

Formvar Magnetic wire
Alnico 3 magnets

Neck, Middle, Bridge: 6.2K ohms (approx.)


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